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Agency Publications

brown bulletCofC/GML Publications (College of Charleston, Grice Marine Laboratory Publications)


brown bulletNOAA/NCCOS Publications (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science) Publications by Coastal Center for Environmental Health & Biomolecular Research Laboratory researchers will be identified when you search by year, author, title, or topic.


brown bulletSCDNR/MRD Publications (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division Publications)


SCDNR/MDR Publications
Contributions» brown bullet Contributions 1-50
  brown bullet Contributions 51-100
  brown bullet Contributions 101-150
  brown bullet Contributions 151-200
  brown bullet Contributions 201-250
  brown bullet Contributions 251-300
  brown bullet Contributions 301-350
  brown bullet Contributions 351-400
  brown bullet Contributions 401-450
  brown bullet Contributions 451-500
  brown bullet Contributions 501-550
  brown bullet Contributions 551-600
  brown bullet Contributions 601-650
  brown bullet Contributions 651-700
  brown bullet Contributions 701-750
Data Reports» brown bullet Data Reports 1-42
Educational Reports» brown bullet Educational Reports 1-23
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Sea Science Series» brown bullet Billfish: the Ultimate Game Fish
  brown bullet Blue Crabs
  brown bullet Careers in Marine Science
  brown bullet Dynamics of the Salt Marsh
  brown bullet Jellyfish
  brown bullet Marine Artificial Reefs
  brown bullet Offshore Pelagics: Tunas, Dolphins and Wahoo
  brown bullet Oysters and Clams
  brown bullet Sea Turtles
  brown bullet Shrimp in South Carolina
  brown bullet South Carolina Marine Game Fish Tagging Program
  brown bullet Summer Inshore Fishing
  brown bullet Summer Offshore Fishing
Special Scientific Reports» brown bullet Special Scientific Reports 1-19
Technical Reports» brown bullet Technical Reports 1-50
  brown bullet Technical Reports 51-100
brown bullet  Technical Reports 101-150
Other Reports» brown bullet Other SCDNR/MRD Reports
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Gratis reprints of many of the Contributions, Data Reports, Educational Reports, Special Scientific Reports, and Technical Reports are available, at the Marine Resources Library and may be requested online by submitting the Gratis Publication Request Form. If a copy of the publication you request is no longer available we will notify you. The Marine Resources Library owns a cataloged copy of each publication.

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